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Intersquad Squabble.

Not sure how I feel about this.  It seems as though Vettel went against team orders to pass Webber.  But I’m here to watch great racing.  I think Webber would have done the same given the chance.  It’s just drivers being drivers.  And IMO, much better than Mercedes’ jog to the end.

Edit*  The FIA is really fast at shutting down copyrighted video lol

Macca’s Future Benchmark.

Uggghhhhh, jaw dropping.  I’m not a fan of the orange and black two tone paint jobs we’ve seen.  I think a single tone paint job would suite this car more.  It is hands down the best looking camouflaged car I’ve ever seen.  Should be one of the OEM paint colours tbh.   The Pagani Huayra, Ferrari F70, Porsche’s 918 and 960 and this P1.  The next generation of hypercars.  Even as a Porsche shill, I don’t beleive even thier 960 will surpass this car.   mclaren-tests-its-p1-supercar--image-mclaren_100417131_l mclaren-tests-its-p1-supercar--image-mclaren_100417130_l mclaren-tests-its-p1-supercar--image-mclaren_100417132_l