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Kristoff’s E28

Deathlens finally got the chance to shoot Kristoff’s BMW.  It’s been worth the wait. Moreover, it was an opportunity to get everyone out for what would have been a boring night.  Spending time with the brosephs is what we’re all about.
It isn’t over the top flashy it’s just big body sedan that breaks necks. The simple formula of nice wheels and a huge drop is demonstrated to a T.  Chipped M20B27, shortened strut housings and corrado shocks with 15×7 Gotti reps.  We’ve also added standard and widescreen wallpapers.  Enjoy.

Standard Ratio:

Widescreen Ratio:

Subie Threesome

We’re sick of our own cars.  So when Chris contacted us to shoot his Impreza (RS on 18×8 and 18×9 Super RSs), it was a good break from our own jalopies.  This part of Toronto has some of the worst roads known to man.  How he deals with that daily, I’m not even sure.  A recently closed garage provided the first backdrop.  While driving to the second location we stopped and picked up Alistair’s and Adam’s GC and GE Imprezas.  Photos we taken by the one and only Deathlens.