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Portraits of CIAS 2013

I’ve found the Autoshow to provide great photo opportunities.  Unfortunately, the background ruins a lot of the shots.  I’ve tried to go for up close photos to fix that.  Practice, practice, practice.  I honestly didn’t think I’d be uploading my own photos as much as I have lately.  More to come!!
cias35 cias25cias33 cias28 cias21 cias30 cias27cias22cias36cias23 cias32 cias34cias29 cias31 cias24 cias26

Global Rally Championship

The Americanization of Rally Cross.  While there are too many former X-Games athletes (Mirra, Deagan, Lasek), it’s still an awesome spectacle to watch.  600HP, AWD and launch control is sure to put on a good show.  It’s like rollerball in cars.