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Portraits of CIAS 2013

I’ve found the Autoshow to provide great photo opportunities.  Unfortunately, the background ruins a lot of the shots.  I’ve tried to go for up close photos to fix that.  Practice, practice, practice.  I honestly didn’t think I’d be uploading my own photos as much as I have lately.  More to come!!
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2012 DTM Champion.

At the beginning of the season, no one would have predicted this.  Always a bridesmaid never a bride, Spengler has finally won his title.  The 29 yr old Canadian is much unknown at home. Overseas he’s one of touring car’s finest.  You don’t move from the Mercedes works team (HWA Team) to the BMW works team (Team Schnitzer) without pedigree.  Having fought closely for the title on 4 previous occasions it’s good to see him get one under his belt.  Even more impressive is BMW’s rise to the top.  This is their first year of competition, and they’ve managed to sweep the championships.  The drivers (Spengler), team (Team Schnizter) and the Manufacturers title, and while there is no official trophy, Farfus was the top rookie.  All in all an amazing year for the entire team.

H20i Meets and GTGs Pt.2

Geoff somehow still has photos to post.  Latest batch of pics.

Bagged STI on Tiffany wheel.

With the ’59 finned Benz and the gold and bronze Benz taking much of the attention, I think I like this one the most.

If I were to get a new car….a b5 a4 wagon would be top of the list.  Fuck Canada for not getting them.


Eyeing this cliche colour scheme for my set next year.  Bagged R32.

VIP Modular.   Not common in the VAG scene.