Eurokracy Kruise

Our inaugural Eurokracy Kruise.  Friday, June, 28th.


A: Start Location at Pickering Walmart.
B: Scheduled Stop 1, Trenton ONroute
C: Scheduled Stop 2, Morrisburg ONroute
D: End Location, Eurokracy Hotel

*Locations are approximated on map

As with previous years, we’ll be leaving from our Start location on Friday morning. We’re leaving on the dot as per schedule (most likely around 10, info will be updated later), Schedules will be kept and the tardy will be left behind (this goes for the Scraped regulars….no CPT).  We will have 2 planned stops.  One in Trenton and one in Morrisburg.  Both will be at an ONRoute location.  All subsequent stops will be made on a need be basis.  People will need to go to the washroom, need to stretch, or switch cars etc.  So expect a few stops.  We’ll be using the Voxer walkie talkie app in lieu of actual walkie talkies.   And I will be providing a phone list of all participants for emergency purposes, along with a map.  Once we start the cruise, our progress will be posted on Facebook and Instagram.  Participants will follow Facebook or instagram to gauge when we are nearing their on ramp.  Also all of our stops will be updated onto Facebook as well.  If we miss giving you a heads up of our location before your on ramp, we will wait for you and the next stop we make.  We will be requesting phone numbers, Voxer accounts and on ramp locations if you want to be informed during the cruise.

We will try to keep a consistent pace of around 110km/h.  We’ve previously ran into problems before where people drive too slow or too fast.

The end has not been determined yet.  The official Eurokracy Hotel filled up pretty fast.  We decided on the Novotel  Montreal Hotel.  It’s a few kilometers down the road. Once we determine where most of the participants are staying we’ll just stop there.  Then part to are respective hotels.

We have decided to produce both stickers and t-shirts for the event with the above logo.  Info on those will be released soon.

This is the first time we’ve organized anything like this, so please bare with us.  Feel free to ask questions on our Eurokracy Kruise Forum.       ……yes, we have a forum, that we almost never use.

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