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2013 Rally Mexico

So are we handing the title to Ogier already?  Jebus.  From one dominating Frenchman to another.    He leads heading into Day 2.  Fun Fact:  This is Ken Block’s only rally of the year.  He’s doing quite well.  For a guy that picked up rallying as a hobby late in his 30’s, to be even on the same page as a WRC regular is amazing.

One Legend To Another.

The man with legs the size of my torso talks about the man with the balls the size of watermelons.  Velodrome star Chris Hoy narrates the story of WRC legend Colin McRae.  “When in doubt, flatout”.

Ice Driving in 911 Rally Cars

Ice racing is now on my bucket list.   I’ll substitute the Porsche and Sweden my my Subie and Northern Ontario.  It will have to do.  The bit about studs is fascinating   I would watch he shit out of a show that just talks about different tires from different disciplines.

Sweden Rally 2013 Day 1.

Change of the guards.  I think this is the rally the torch is passed from Sebastien to Sebastien.  You shouldn’t be able to lead the Swedish rally without 1.  A proven rally car 2. Scandinavian heritage.  Ogier is doing without either.  It’s rather impressive.

2013 VW Polo R WRC

The 2013 car and livery were unveiled yesterday in Monaco.  The car itself looks like its gone through a lot of changes since the protoype was scene last year.  The front and rear fenders are much wider and aerodynamic than before.  Loving the minumalis livery too.  Think I might actaully pay attention to the WRC this.  RedBull promotion, Mads Ostberg in the ford, Ogier and Latvala in the Polo and Hirvonen in the Citroen.  We have an actual fight on our hands this year.


Some snow testing for VW’s Sebastien Ogier.  Dat noise.

Decade of Decadence or Decay?

It has now been 10 years since a driver not name Sebastien Loeb has won the WRC drivers crown.  Petter Solberg took that honour in the 2003, with the Prodrive Subaru team.  Which I remember watching sector times online in lieu of proper tv coverage.  It was a different game back then.  Colin McRae, Carlos Sainz, Richard Burns, Marcus Gronholm, Markko Martin, Tommi Makkinen, Gilles Panizzi, Harri Rovenpara, Francois Duval, Didier Auriol, Toni Gardemeister, Freddy Loix and the aforementioned Solberg and Loeb were involved in a great season.  The large competitive fields are now long gone.  Brought on by Leob’s dominance perhaps?  To put it into perspective he’s won 74 rallies, Gronholm (#2 on the list) has won just 30.  9 titles compared to Juha Kankkunan and Makkinens 4.  He has more titles than Sainz, McRae, Gronholm, Vatanan and Rohrl…..COMBINED.  Jebus.

Not all of his titles were not all easy though.  Having lost the 2003 title by one point.  He won another 2 by that same margin. and 2 MORE with very small margins.  This years campaign will be Loebs last full season.  He’ll still come back and presumably win the 2013 Monaco rally though and other select rallies next year.  He’s just taking it easy.  It’s also been rumoured Citroen and Loeb will compete in the WTCC for 2014.  Let’s hope and see.

For the 2013 season, the feild is as follows.  Citroen will run Mirko Hirvonen and Dani Sordo (why they chose Sordo over Mads Ostberg is beyond me), Khalid Al Qassimi, Thierry Neuiville (as thier junior driver) and select rounds for Loeb, VW will run Sebastien Ogier and Jari Matti Latvalla.  (On a side note, Sebastiens have made their mark on the racing scene the last 10 years, Loeb, Vettel and Bourdais.) Ford has dropped tier official factory support of the M-Sport run team.  Their intentions are still unknown.  Mini does not have factory support but their car is now fully homoligated, with rumours of Prodive feilding a 2 car team.  And Hyundai will feild their i20 for select rounds.  So all in all 3 Factory teams with 3 drivers at a shot for the title.  Hirvonen, Latvala and Ogier.  I’ll predict a Ogier title due to driver errors from both Finns.   Works teamsare a far cry from 2003 when, Peugeot, Subaru, Citroen, Ford, Mitsibishi, Skoda, Seat, Hyundai all had full factory efforts.  I think the WRC needs a full overhaul.  Much like Indycar, though that was in a far dire straight.

That decay should not hide Loebs decadence.  He has re written the record book in not only WRC but has changed the racing world forever.  Nine fucking titles in a row.  Makkinens 4 seemed impossible to beat only a few years prior to his reign.  Schumacher has done 5, Johnson 5, Bourdais 4.  All now seem insignificant to NINE.  We will never witness the likes of this again.

I don’t know what he’s saying but it showcases all of Loeb’s previous rally cars..

Rally’s Forgotten

A few rally cars that have been forgotten.  RWD hatchbock?  Yes please.  Subarus original WRC machine, with the signiture rumble :). The RX-7…seems really slow but with sounds like that, I’ll let it slide.  Going sideways for that long can’t be fast. 🙂

RS200 vs. Sport Quattro

Ford vs. Audi.  It’s funny how two relatively unsuccessful Group B cars still go on to define the catagory today.   And fortunately for us it’s Chris Harris doing the journalism.   No pompous Jeremy Clarkson diatribes.  Also Chris can actaully drive, he doesn’t need a stuntman.  Let’s leave Top Gear for the kids folks.


Hollywood Is Back.

After a few seasons in privateer teams, Petter “Hollywood” Solberg is finally back with a works drive.  He’ll join Latvala at the Ford squad.  I’m gonna go out on a limp and say he’ll break Loeb’s 8 year championship dominance.  Or at least I hope he does.  Next year will see Ford, Citroen, Mini and VW with Loeb, Hirvonen, Ogier, Solberg and Latvala (hesitant to put Sordo and Meeke in that group).   We might be heading back to the WRC of old with multiple cars and drivers having the chance to complete.   Raikonnen back to F1, Toyota and Porsche back to Le Mans, VW to WRC, BMW to DTM (and possibly V8 Supercars).  Hopefully Indycar dies and comes back as CART?  Whatever the case a few years from now the motorsports calendar will be really stellar.

WRC of Old?

The contenders….

Ford Fiesta

Citroen DS3

Mini (BMW+Prodrive)

After the first day of the Rally Sweden it looks like the Loeb show might be over.  Hope to fuck, that’s the case.   I don’t hate him or anything, I just feel winning 7 titles in a row put a damper on the WRC as a whole.  We need a sorta level playing field and multiple rally winners.   Ford seems to be the big dog this year, with Citreon closely behind.  Mini will be running a part-time schedule this year, full-time for 2012.  Might have to get back into watching this WRC business again.    Now, I just need Subaru to come back :(.   Ogier, Ostberg, Solberg, Loeb, Hirvonen, Matti-Latvala, Raikonnen with Sordo and Meeke (joining in later on).   Get to know those names.  We’ll be posting more WRC as the season progresses.  At the very least watch the last vid.