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Snow Shenanigans

We haven’t had any photo shoots as a group this winter.  We decided to gather 5 MK2s and do what we do.  But before that some of us watched Dredd at Matt’s house.  Verdict:  The movie is awesome.
Parking at Matt’s.
Everyday I’m shufflin.
Uncle shows up in his s4 just when we were leaving.
Off to the Pickering GO Station lower level.  Grabbed SOME photos, it honestly felt like I took way more photos.
It took us a while before we realized the higher levels all had snow.  As SOON as we hit the top…..we needed shovels.  By we I mean everyone without a Subaru :).  Even Matt needed help.  In his defense, he went looking for a big mound of snow.
The top level was pretty much a small oval, with LOTS of snow.  I for one had lots of fun.  And by the looks of it, Matt Morana did too.feb27
Cheater pics.
Dem boots,Danny.
Dave’s dafuq are you doing James? look.  Not a lot happened in this sequence apart from burning the clutch. lol
I’ll try to post up some of the video we took.  Thanks for coming out guys, was a good Saturday.

Frozen Friday.

Took a few shots of the wagon after work.  Photos are a work in progress for me.  I’d like to hear some critiques, if you have time to spare.  Cheers. 🙂 scraped
Missin a bolt.  YOLO.                             …..I’ll see myself out.
subie 4
subie 3

Work’s for sale!

Need something new for next season? Here is your chance. We seem to have a set of wheels for sale…shocking.

I picked these up off their original owner recently. The wheels are in great overall shape and are still original (sticker, seals, bolts, valve stems, etc.) All the bolts, centre caps, etc. can be had new from Work if one were inclined but that would only be if you wanted to re-do them. As they are the condition is GOOD. The lips have some usual clear coat imperfections but I actually didn’t even notice until after I washed and dried them. The paint of the faces is near flawless. 2 of the rear lips have some minor curb (I can’t even call it rash), nothing some light sanding wouldn’t COMPLETELY clear up.

I would say these wheels are an 8-8.5/10


2x 18×8 et56 225/40/18 5×130
2x 18×10 et56 265/35/18 5×130

The tires have decent tread left, especially the fronts, but they are from 2002 so they are starting to crack a little. They are basically a throw in but if you are serious about buying I can have them removed.


$2600 or best reasonable offer. These wheels retail for the same cost as LMs, and from what I can gather these are harder to come by (although not harder to find parts for as Work still makes them). I am not looking for trades unless it’s something very unique. If they don’t sell I will replace my LMs with them next year.


CSCS x Fitted Showcase

Fitted showcase is the season finale event for the Stretch and Poke crew.  It’s in conjuction with CSCS so we’re definitely down.


IMPORTEXPO is upon us again.  October 13th, it will be held indoors at Markhams Fairgrounds.  The event features selected cars from registrants.  So, you won’t be seeing shitty vehicles.  IMPORTEXPO’s own NSX is reason alone to go to the show.  We’ll be providing coverage for those who are unable to attend.  Also there will be

Stretch and Poke 2012: Fitted

We braved the intensely overcast sky yesterday to attend the first Stretch and Poke show of 2012. Having attended MOST of these events in the past it is safe to say this show has grown exponentially and there doesn’t seem to be any sign of that changing.

H20i 2011; the pre-game

We spent the first half of the day today rolling around and taking pics; the rain put a bit of a hold on that…for now.


Ying Yang.

The Ying Yang Brothers.  Well not really.  These 2 guys only connection is dopeness, in the form of Lexus IS’s.  That and the fact that both are from Toronto.  The scene here has definately been heating up lately.  There’s still rice, here and there.  But cars like these more than make up for the riff raff.  1 is  White and 1 is  Black.  I haven’t made up my mind on which one I like better.  But as a Subie owner I’m leaning towards the black one as it’s AWD.   Wheels are a toss up..SSRs vs. Volks?  As are the coils…..JIC vs Tanabe?  Luckily it isn’t a competition.  Both IS’s are justas awesome.  As is this location.  We’ll definately be shooting there soon.  Sorry for stealing the locale. 🙂  On to the pics..


Your name and car.
Oliver Ng. I drive a 2006 Lexus IS250 in Glacier Frost Mica.

What do you do?
Medical Professional.

What do you love more, your girlfriend or your car?
Neither! I’m married, so obviously the love of my life is my wife and my 2 year old son.

When did you buy your car and when did you start modding it?
I placed the order for my Lexus IS250 before it even appeared in the showroom back in December 2005. I recall the aura of anticipation for the second generation IS. I had to have it regardless of cost.  There was no IS250 meeting my specifications, so it had to be fully custom built at the Kyushu manufacturing plant in Japan. The wait time was 3 months! I finally to delivery of it in March 2006. Was the wait worth it? You betcha!I began modding it in 2007. Did simple modifications in the early stages like converting the 4300K HID bulb to 6000K, installing an HID 6000K foglight and redded out the amber tail light. Then I lowered the car with the Eibach Pro-Kit. I was happy with the appearance of the vehicle at this point. Never once did I imagine to continue modifying it, until I joined Club Lexus. After seeing all the finely tuned second generation ISs, I was smitten by the desire to improve her in every fashion -We here this too often.  There are way too many people who have switched from springs to coils.  F@CKING SMART.

What mods are currently on the car?
Lexus full GFX kit
INGS+1 trunk spoiler
JUN-TW roof spoiler
Integrated LED signal mirrors
Vinyled roof
19×9.0 +31 on Hankook Ventus V12 Evo 225/35R19
19×10 +24 on Hankook Ventus V12 Evo 245/35R19
Project Kics R40
JIC FLT-TAR 12kg/7kg
Joe Z intake
HKS Super Hybrid Filter
Lexus HKS exhaust
TRD oil cap
6K HID headlights
6K HID foglights
68 SMT daytime running lights
27 SMT city lights
6 SMT puddle lights
Lexus sport pedals
Lexus illuminated scuff plates
SolarGard NR 35% tint

Do you cringe or smile when you drag frame on an obstacle?
I would certainly smile. But, I’ve never tried this…..yet.
-If my car was this nice, I’d probably be doing the same.
If you didn’t own your current car, what would you be driving? Would it be modded?
I would’ve purchased an Audi TTS. Would it be modified? Of course!

How long are you holding on to it?
I’ve reached that stage of my life where I’m a family man now. So, my priorities have changed and sadly I’m in the midst of departing my IS.

Whats next?
I picked up an Audi A3 2.0T. The interior is surprisingly more spacious and the acceleration is quicker than the IS250. Not bad for my new family car. I’ve already done some “light” modifications to it. I promised myself it won’t be modified to the extent of my IS250. We’ll see if that holds true.
-We all know that won’t last.  Oliver I hear the A3 rides great on Koni’s. 😉

Shout outs.

Thank-you to Club Lexus for breaking my wallet and for inspiring me to pursue my hobby. I met a lot of great friends having the same passion. They include, our photographer Joseph, Mike, Carson, Pete, Rule, Victor, and Steven. Special thanks to my tuning shops Speedstar, Motorworks, APH, Cartech and Bullock City. Last, but not least my lovely wife who always supported me during these past 5 years. She never once stopped me from doing what I enjoy doing. Her philosophy is, “if it makes me happy then it makes her happy.” I guess I’m a lucky fella eh?
-Yup, definately a keeper.


Your name and car.
Joseph Yu. I drive a 2006 Lexus IS250 AWD in Black Onyx.

What do you do?
Industrial design and photography.

What do you love more, your girlfriend or your car?
-You sir are correct.  I beleive the first person to answer that question correctly.
When did you buy your car and when did you start modding it?
I took delivery of my IS back in November 2005.  Due to the car being a fresh platform, aftermarket parts were scarce.
However, simple modifications such as red overlays and yellow fogs were applied a month after delivery.  Soon after that, I had all emblems and the grille bezel painted black to match the car.  The goal for this car was to maintain a clean aesthetic while pushing for a more aggressive stance.
-More aggressive stances are ALWAYS welcome
What mods are currently on the car?
INGS+1 style body kit
OEM Lexus trunk spoiler
JUN-TW roof spoiler
AP2 exhaust tips
Volk Racing TE37 white with machined lip
19×8.5 +22 on Falken FK452 225/35R19
Project Kics 15mm spacer
Project Kics R40
Tanabe DF210
Lexus F-Sport intake
3K HID headlights
3K HID foglights
3K daytime running lights
Polarg J-51 city lights
4 SMT puddle lights
Lexus illuminated scuff plates

Do you cringe or smile when you drag frame on an obstacle?
I would cringe, but thankfully that hasn’t happened.
If you didn’t own your current car, what would you be driving? Would it be modded?
I would be in a 2004 grand prix white S2000 with an Amuse front bumper, black OEM hard top, and slammed on a set of BBS LMs.  Yep, I have thought about it, many, many times.
How long are you holding on to it?
I’ve considered moving onto a more mod-friendly platform, but ready to let go of the IS just yet.

Whats next?
IS350 big brakes are waiting to be installed while trying to find a set of BBS LMs to replace the TE37s.  Full colour change is also near the top of the to-do list. 

-I Fully support BBS LM’s.  TE37s are cool but not LMs cool. 

Shout outs.

Thank you to everyone that has been part of this hobby we all share and to the guys at Impera, Motor Workshop, Bullock City, and Speedstar.

Ain’t That Some S***!

So as per usual, I was browsing the beloved VW Vortex Car Lounge, only to come across a beautifully built ’02 Impreza. As soon as I saw it, and scanned through the rest of the pictures of course, I had to tell Mike how well done his car was. Turns out he didn’t mind answering a few questions, so in true Scraped Crusaders style, I bombarded him with a “few” questions. Enjoy!

Ps. The Colour is Porsche Macadamia Metallic 

-Your Name, Your location, and Your Car

Mike Wasserman. Long Island, New York. 2002 Subaru WRX

-Where did you go to school / what do you do?

University at Buffalo. I work in film production (photoshoots, commercials, shows, etc)

-When did you buy your car and when did you start modding it?

I’m the original owner since January 2002. First ‘mod’ was done a couple weeks into owning it. Taking out the daytime running lights if that counts. An exhaust came a couple months after that.

-List of modifications

TurboXS Hyperflow V2 TMIC
JDM STi Pink Injectors
Walrbo Fuel Pump
K&N Typhoon Intake
UR Uppipe
Tial 38mm EWG
GM Boost Control Solenoid
B&B Downpipe
Borla Hush Cat-Back
Group N Engine Mount
Hasport Pitch Mount
Kartboy Exhaust Hangers
Lightweight Pullies
Perrin Turbo Inlet Pipe
Samco I/C Hoses
Samco Aux Hose set
Revitilyzer Voltage Regulator
EcuTEK tuned by Dave Brown/MSPT

Hot Bits DT2 Coil Overs
Cusco F&R Sway Bars
MRT End Links
Carbing Front Strut Bar
TiC Diff Bushings
Kartboy Shifter Bushings
EDM 4 pot Front Brakes
’06 WRX 2 Pot rear brakes/hubs
Racing Brake Slotted Rotors
Hawk Pads

Porsche Macadamia Metallic Paint
EDM Headlights
6k HID’s
Prodrive Grill
Lamin-X Fog Light Film
JDM Spec C Roof Vent
JDM STi Hood Scoop
JDM STi Fenders w/ Side Signal
JDM STi V2 Lip (not pictured)
JDM Rain Guards (not pictured)
Seibon Carbon Fiber Trunk
Ureshi Rear Window Spoiler
JDM Side Strakes
OEM Rear Lip/Diffueser
OEM STi Limited Spoiler
OEM ’04/5 Tail Lights
Hella Supertones (4)
35% Tint

18×9 +35 Work XSA 02C
235/45/18 Vredestein Sessanta Tires

JDM WR Limited Seats
STi Door Cards
STi Carpet
Prodrive Cluster (MPH)
Prodrive Steering Wheel
Prodrive Hub Lock
Prodrive Harness
NRG Tech Hub Adapter
NRG V2.5 Quick Release
JDM Impreza Aluminum Door Sills
Custom Blue Suede Pillars
Custom Carbon Fibre material Headliner
Custom WRC Pattern Shift Pattern
AVO Gauge Pod
Mad Dad Gauges (not pictured)
WRC Titanium Shift Knob
Blitz DCII Turbo Timer
Pioneer DVD Headunit
Mattjk Screen
Panavise iPod Mount

-If you weren’t driving your current car, what would you be driving… Would it be modded as heavily?

That’s a tough one. Before buying my car I was close to getting an FD RX-7. Since having it I’ve also had a URS4 and another Impreza. I don’t know what my mod path would be if I had another car at this point. I doubt I could ever put as much into a car again as I’ve done with this since priorities are different now. That said I will always be a car guy at heart and will always tinker with what ever I have.

-Do you plan on keeping this car for a while, if not, what’s next?

Yup, no plans on selling it. It’s still a fun car for me to drive.

-Pick a word, any word, and tell us why you picked it (doesn’t have to be car related)

Shenanigans. I really got nothing on this one it’s been a long day and my minds drawing a blank.. sorry guys!

-Shout Outs!

All my buddies on LISC, MSPT, and Willis Ave Collision

Photos by