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Matt’s Volvo.

Matt Morana recently picked up this Volvo.  RWD, brick coupe.  Who wouldn’t want this?

Matt:”Engine is a B20 “redblock” 2 litre dual barrel weber carb about 110 hp, tq is about the same, model is a 142S, its from ’69, mechanical everything except for ignition system, basically a tractor motor, its got a 4 speed with an electronic overdrive, i want to get it running, clean up the rust and interior for now, after that lower it, have it running well enough to take it to h2o next year and after that possibly do a swap more then likely some kind of v8, thats about it as far as i can think of”

Can’t wait for this to be lowered on some wide ass wheels to join the Scraped.Crusaders. fold.  We’ll be posting updates on this build.