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Preformance BMW 2012 Car of the Year.

Our very own Steve Van Sleuwen’s E30 is in running for Performance BMW’s car of the year.  Even if you don’t vote for Steve’s, the other cars are worth a look too!!  Deathlens also too photos of Sia Honarkhah’s e28.


Matt’s Volvo.

Matt Morana recently picked up this Volvo.  RWD, brick coupe.  Who wouldn’t want this?

Matt:”Engine is a B20 “redblock” 2 litre dual barrel weber carb about 110 hp, tq is about the same, model is a 142S, its from ’69, mechanical everything except for ignition system, basically a tractor motor, its got a 4 speed with an electronic overdrive, i want to get it running, clean up the rust and interior for now, after that lower it, have it running well enough to take it to h2o next year and after that possibly do a swap more then likely some kind of v8, thats about it as far as i can think of”

Can’t wait for this to be lowered on some wide ass wheels to join the Scraped.Crusaders. fold.  We’ll be posting updates on this build.


IMPORTEXPO is upon us again.  October 13th, it will be held indoors at Markhams Fairgrounds.  The event features selected cars from registrants.  So, you won’t be seeing shitty vehicles.  IMPORTEXPO’s own NSX is reason alone to go to the show.  We’ll be providing coverage for those who are unable to attend.  Also there will be

Subaru Hypermeet 2012

I’m not exactly good with words.  Which is why I usually let the pictures do the talking.  I’m also fairly certain that not too many people read this anyways.  So we’ll just dump photos from the event and add some headers.

The event overall was bigger and better than last year.  I decided to enter the wagon into the show as well.  Wound up 1/4″ away from taking lowest Subaru.  I don’t want to complain about judging but I’m fairly certain mine was lower.  And also ran into my old widened steelies.  It was on the car that won Rustiest Subaru.  All in all it was a great Sunday.  Toronto’s Subaru scene is alive and well.  Disclaimer, there wasn’t an abundance of stanced cars.  Lots of high power, odd looking cars though.  Photos by Geoff.

Not a Subie but this Celica GT-4 was sittin pretty.

I’ll have 2 of these on my Outback bumper, once I stop slacking.

Want this in a wagon but an inch lower in my future.

Wicked colour combo.

My favourite car of the event.

Stretch and Poke 2012: Fitted

We braved the intensely overcast sky yesterday to attend the first Stretch and Poke show of 2012. Having attended MOST of these events in the past it is safe to say this show has grown exponentially and there doesn’t seem to be any sign of that changing.

Scraped Crusaders: White on Red

We had initially wanted to take photos outdoors.  Cold weather put a close on that pretty fast.  Since the e30 isn’t on insurance, we chose the shop.  White on red is a tried and tested colour combo.  And once again, it’s works on both of these cars.  The e30 with the salad shooters (for sale) and the MK2 Jetta on widened steelies and winter rubber.  Winter beaters don’t get much nicer than this VW.  The Scraped Crusaders should be on summer wheels in a little over a month.  Expect more original content soon enough.  Sorry, guys winter in Toronto sucks.   Photos by. Deathlens.

Stretch and Poke 2011

Here is some coverage from the first meet up of 2011!