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Drive It Like You Stole It.

After writing a scathing article about Ferrari’s deceptive road test cars, Chris Harris was banned from testing any Ferrari’s.  The article, worth the read, is linked here.  #shady/.  Luckily for him, he has friends who CAN still test Ferraris.    Highlights include Chris knocking the 458s wheelgap.

H20i Meets and GTGs Pt.3

Yup.  Nutha update.  Tell us if it’s too much.  😉  Few cars we haven’t posted previously.

You’ll see this Miata later in Deathlens’ video.

This 944 was doing EVERYTHING right.

The cooler Audi version of my car.

Nice seeing cars I know on instagram in real life.

MMMMmmmmm, yes.  Moustache rides were complimentary.

Loved this colour.

Not typically a B7 fan, but this one was persuasive.

NextMod One Year Anniversary BBQ

The BBQ/event on Sunday was awesome.  There was a great showing of cars.  Luckily the rain held off until later in the day.  Basking in the sun checking out Toronto’s finest cars.  Plus my dirty shitbox.  Really should have washed it before I went.  It was a Sunday well spent.

Additional pics ….courtesy of Spyder01 whose Flickr photostream we’ve just added>>>