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BRB, Grocery Store!

Alot like Gillbert, I’m a sucker for wagons. I came across this MKIV Jetta on VWVortex (as per usual) and got in touch with the owner, he was more than happy to answer a few questions for me, so here is a quick feature! Thanks again Steve!

-Your Name, Location, and Your Car

Steve Mitchell, Temecula (Wine Country), CA, 2004 Jetta

-Where did you go to school? What is your Profession?

Went to a small business college in Beaverton, OR, that no longer exists, and studied to be an accountant… I’m now a software engineer.
-What was your first car?

First car was a 1976 Honda Accord hatchback with a “Hondamatic” transmission (the beginnings of tiptronic… HAHA). Bought it for $400 with a blown headgasket and the block full of coolant. My dad and I went through the whole motor and replaced everything that was bad and somethings that weren’t. Was a great car until 5 months later when it met it’s death to a Volvo.

-When did you buy your current car, and when did you start modding it?

The Wagon came home in October of 2010. I traded my built mk2 GLI for it because I was moving to CA and the smog people here would have frowned upon it. The wagon was supposed to be a nice, untouched daily driver until we moved when my wife would let me purchase another project car. Yeah… that lasted for maybe 2 weeks. First came coilovers, then wheels, then tune, then more wheels, then bags, then random odds and ends…

-List of Modifications

Uni Stage 1+
Forge 007 DV
AirLift XL fronts AirLift Lifestyle rears with Bilstein sports
Autopilot digital management with dual 400c’s and custom 5 gallon alum tank
Staggered 17×8 & 17×9 Privat Remembers with black chrome RS spike bolts and Autobot center caps (by the time this is posted it will have 18×8.5 Work VS-XX’s)
Custom smoked ecodes with a collage of tracks from around the world vinyl’d inside
I know I’m forgetting a million and one things, but this is the gist of the mods

-If you weren’t driving your current car, what would you be in? Would it be modded?

I have always wanted, and will always want a mk3 variant… I would do very little to the car, because it’s perfect in every way, but I would bag it and add some stupidly expensive wheels.

-Do you plan on keeping the Jetta for a while?

In a word… Yes… I truly love this car. Of my 9 VW’s, this is by far my favorite. There is a lot of work in store for this car… so much so that even my wife has gotten involved in the planning. eek!

-Pick a word, any word, Why did you pick it?

Venkman… he is my cat, and sleeps in my office for much of the day. I blame him for my inspiration and my shortcomings, he never seems to mind.

-Shout Outs!

As always, I’ve gotta give love to my buddy Brandon and SoCal Stance Shop… without his help the wagon would still be pathetically high and lack any sort of steeze. But I can’t go and forget my wife, Angie, she has been, not only, stupidly kind and forgiving, but also a huge inspiration in the car and it’s future. Lastly, my mom… anytime her and her friends come to my house she gives them the grand tour which always includes a demonstration of the air ride.