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Kristoff’s E28

Deathlens finally got the chance to shoot Kristoff’s BMW.  It’s been worth the wait. Moreover, it was an opportunity to get everyone out for what would have been a boring night.  Spending time with the brosephs is what we’re all about.
It isn’t over the top flashy it’s just big body sedan that breaks necks. The simple formula of nice wheels and a huge drop is demonstrated to a T.  Chipped M20B27, shortened strut housings and corrado shocks with 15×7 Gotti reps.  We’ve also added standard and widescreen wallpapers.  Enjoy.

Standard Ratio:

Widescreen Ratio:


We’ve decided to create on online store for our stickers and T-shirts.  The T-shirts are made with American Apparel t-shirts.  And as of now are a super limited run (6).  These are not the run of the mill Gilden shirts.  Trying to feel out the demand.  If you would like a completly custom shirt (size, shirt colour, ink colour, and cut) feel free to email at

The stickers are also on a small limited run.  We’re currently out of the banners though.


Subie Threesome

We’re sick of our own cars.  So when Chris contacted us to shoot his Impreza (RS on 18×8 and 18×9 Super RSs), it was a good break from our own jalopies.  This part of Toronto has some of the worst roads known to man.  How he deals with that daily, I’m not even sure.  A recently closed garage provided the first backdrop.  While driving to the second location we stopped and picked up Alistair’s and Adam’s GC and GE Imprezas.  Photos we taken by the one and only Deathlens.

Scraped.Crusaders. X Ivy League East

What H20 is all about.  Meeting new friends, cruising in cars, and taking pics.  The guys (and gals) from Ivy League East and the Scraped.Crusaders.  ended H20 in style with an improptu photoshoot.  Brian’s Saab 92-X and Ashley’s Mini were definately one of my favourite cars at the strip.  So when they were down for a shoot, we couldn’t resist.  We also threw in our Legacy and A4 for kicks.  Brian and Ashley…..we need to set up a really big shoot next year.  🙂

We are the Scraped.Crusaders.

We are the Scraped.Crusaders. More than just a blog.  It consists of a core group of individuals that have grown into more of a family.  Originating in Toronto on the VWVortex forums, with low VWs and the penchant to scrape lips anywhere and everywhere; the name is very fitting (though obviously not limited to VAGs).  I may be biased when saying this but, Toronto has one of the best stance scenes in the game.  Especially when you consider the frost heaved, pothole, salt ridden roads of Southern Ontario.  Rolling hard for 6 months of the year, then winter beating for the other half is a tough task.

While it was the cars are what brought us together, it’s the friendships that make us stay.  At the end of the day, friends are what the car community is all about.  Is it worth it to build an e-famous car if you don’t have real friends to share it with?  Fuck no.  With late nights in the shop, even later nights fixing cars on the side of freeways, watching movies, bonfires, birthdays, photo-shoots, meets, events, it’s money and time well wasted.  We’re sure many of you can relate.  We’re together so often we’ve even begun dressing alike. 🙂   The decision to make t-shirts was an easy one.  They were initially just made for the core group.  But for those interested, you can email  Custom coloured American Apparel tees FTW!!!

These pictures are something we’ve been wanting to do for a long time.  Some models (dude in purple hat, we had to pay to pose), some beebs, some e30 and some SR20.  Steve’s E30 has been on the mend for a few months now.  A spun bearing (after the first swap was done) turned this winter project into a summer project.  Having the first run around with the SR lasting only a month or so a fresh rebuild was called upon.   While primarily a stock SR, it’s got a manual boost controller and a big front mount to turn things up to ’11’.  All of the work including splicing the entire Nissan and BMW harness together, building custom coilovers and shaving the bay were done by the Dutchman; Steve, himself.  This is only the first round of  pics of this e30.  Expect to see more of it this year.

Scraped.Crusaders.  in search of the lowly grail.