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Scraped.Crusaders. X Eurokracy Kruise

Eurokrac2yThis idea came about pretty fast.  After viewing an Air Society post about Eurokracy’s Hotel of choice.  I mentioned the Scraped.Crusaders.  contingency of 20 or so people strong.  Rick from Air Society quickly replied with an “if you organize it, they will come” proposal for a Toronto to Montreal cruise. So…. we’re doing it.

Friday, June, 28th, 2013

More info on our Eurokracy Kruise Page.

Shenanigans …..In Video.

Hey Farva…what’s the name of that restaurant you like with all the goofy shit?  Video shot and edited my Matt Morana.

Snow Shenanigans

We haven’t had any photo shoots as a group this winter.  We decided to gather 5 MK2s and do what we do.  But before that some of us watched Dredd at Matt’s house.  Verdict:  The movie is awesome.
Parking at Matt’s.
Everyday I’m shufflin.
Uncle shows up in his s4 just when we were leaving.
Off to the Pickering GO Station lower level.  Grabbed SOME photos, it honestly felt like I took way more photos.
It took us a while before we realized the higher levels all had snow.  As SOON as we hit the top…..we needed shovels.  By we I mean everyone without a Subaru :).  Even Matt needed help.  In his defense, he went looking for a big mound of snow.
The top level was pretty much a small oval, with LOTS of snow.  I for one had lots of fun.  And by the looks of it, Matt Morana did too.feb27
Cheater pics.
Dem boots,Danny.
Dave’s dafuq are you doing James? look.  Not a lot happened in this sequence apart from burning the clutch. lol
I’ll try to post up some of the video we took.  Thanks for coming out guys, was a good Saturday.

Precious Metal.

Fairly certain the car wasn’t the focus of this pic ;).

We haven’t done a feature in quite some time.    I wanted to let the barage of H20 pics subside before posting this car.  These pics were taken by Matt Berenz (excluding the first one, unknown source  Mathew Buchanan) during the Canibeat meet at H20.  While VW has tried to make thier Jetta a “world car”.  It has not taken away its appeal in the “Dub Scene”.  I apologize profusely for using that cliche term.  Many cars have come and gone, (I’m looking at you, Civic) but the Jetta has stood the test of time. Ryan Beard’s car helps further the Jetta’s appeal to the scene.   It’s helped change my opinion at least.  Quite frankly I wasn’t a fan when the car was first released.  This and a few other builds have had thier turns changing my mind.

The wheel and body colour combo make or break a vehicle.  The gold and silver colours go miles in bringing this car together.  I don’t think a crazy colour would have worked as well.  The two colours also flow into the trunk, with the air setup.  The Classic Nardi wheel and knob (might have to get myself that), again tie the colour together.  Wood grain like a sir.

Check the below images for Ryan’s and Matt’s work.  Ryan mentions his future plans, and full parts list below.

Ryan, thanks for allowing us to shoot your car.



Loving the choice of bride seats.







You know you’re awesome when you have a matching BLQ in your trunk.

Our words in black, Ryan’s in Blue:

Your name, Your car:
Ryan Beard, 2011 Volkswagen Jetta

What do you do?
I have been working and managing a hookah bar for 3 years.

When did you buy your car, and when did you start modding it?
March 7th, 2011 I got my first set of wheels 3 months after buying and got the air suspension on 5 months after buying, and that’s where it all began

What mods are currently on the car?
Wheels: Rotiform BLQ 3pc

Front:19×8.5 with 215/35/r19 Tires
Front also has 15mm spacers
Rear: 19×9.5 with 225/35/r19 Tires (Falken 452’s
Wheels are Translucent Candy Gold

Bride Euro Sport II Racing Seats: Gradation Insert
Rear Sears wrapped in suede to match fronts with bride gradation fabric in middle insert
RCD-510 Navorgation swap
Nardi Classic Steering wheel with Nardi Classic Ship Knob
Jetta SEL Door Sills
 Ziza LED Interior Lights
Rear Trunk Setup includes 5th Rear Rotiform with tire (Same specs) with a sunken    display and 2 tanks; one polished, one paint matched with Translucent Candy Gold all wrapped in suede
Full Votex Lip Kit (Front lip, Side Skirts, Rear Valence, Rear Lip Spoiler)
Debadged rear emblem and front license plate drill holes removed
 Jetta GLI Taillights
Ziza LED headlights
Front Fog Light Kit from Jetta SEL
MK6 Jetta Full kit with Switchspeed Analog Managment
Front Suspension: AirLift Slam Series
Rear Suspension: Custom Made
Rear Shocks: Bilstein Sport
Compressor: Dual Viair 400C
Air Tank: Raw Aluminum 10 GallonDo you cringe or smile when you drag frame on an obstacle?
Even though I’m on bags I still daily drive really low and my lip kit has its battle scars, I cringe in success when I scarp on the speed bumps everyday when I leave my apartment.

If you didn’t own your current car, what would you be driving?
Would it be modded? It was a toss up between the Jetta or the Genesis Coupe, I have no idea where the coupe would be if I had gotten that instead, but regardless it would have the same styling as the Jetta. Bagged, wheels, but more performance based.

How long are you holding on to it?
Until she dies.  Perfect answer, too many kids with leased cars up for sale nowadays.

Whats next?
Starting January I’m going to be dropping a 2012 Passat 3.6L Engine. Also reupholstering the interior with leather including a gold cross stitch. And an independent rear suspension from the Mk5 GTI to allow for camber and wider fitment.

Shout outs.
Rotiform for the amazing wheels, Bag riders for the great costumer service, air lift for allowing me to park at there tent at some of the largest events this past year. Along with all the websites that have featured my car already.

Preformance BMW 2012 Car of the Year.

Our very own Steve Van Sleuwen’s E30 is in running for Performance BMW’s car of the year.  Even if you don’t vote for Steve’s, the other cars are worth a look too!!  Deathlens also too photos of Sia Honarkhah’s e28.


H2O International 2012 | Scraped Crusaders | Part 2

The show!

Ha you’d thought I had forgotten….well…I did…but that’s not the point.

Last night around 11:00pm I heard this song, and by 1:30am I was exporting this video. So it was a very quick edit, wanted to keep it fun and simple, no slow mo in this one.

Song: Ben Howard – The Fear (Moonlight Matters Remix)

Equipment: Canon 5DmkIII, 16-35, 70-200, merlin steadicam and my own two hands

I wish I had pulled my tripod out at some point during the weekend.

Last Pics from Ocean City

I THINK these are out last edits from H20.  Yes it was over a month ago.  Ocean City was brought back into the spotlight recently with Hurricane Sandy.  Much damage has been done to the city.  I like to remember it the way it was a month ago and the way it will be again. 

H2O International 2012 | Scraped Crusaders | Part 1

My part one from this years trip to Ocean City.

This year seemed to be a total 180 from what we came down into last year. Nearly no rain, clear skies, nice weather, and a hell of a lot of dope cars. It seemed this year the outcasts were even more prevalent then years before.

I do still have to produce the show footage. Coming back from that weekend with a folder sized at over 40gb, I have had my work cut out for me, both with photos and a whole lot of video after feeling terrible for not having much last year.

Hope everyone enjoys part 1!!!

Scraped Subaru Photoshoots | H2Oi 2012

Seems odd posting a subaru shoot from H20i.  But thats when happens when you’re friends with Matt Berenz.  I was able to convince him to take a few snaps of Trent’s bagged Impreza Outback, Brad’s Legacy GT and my own Legacy Brighton.  Unfortunately we did not have enough time at our first location to get enough shots of Trent’s Impreza.  At least we got one good family photo.

This thing has me considering bags.

Met my new Legacy bretheren Brad.  Helped me make up my mind on black side skirts.  I just need to find a rear valence now.




Deathlens X H20i video teaser

It’s what lots of you have been waiting for.  Deathlens H20i 2012 video.  This is only the trailer however.   Expect the full version here soon.

Deathlens x H2Oi 2012 part 1

This man has had to go through 40gbs of video and photos.  It’s been worth the wait IMO.  We’ll also post them in 2 halves.   Altogether H20i 2012 was an awesome time.  Still more pics on the way!!
Wagon fever.  So many this year. I THINK, this one had the WAGONE plate.  🙂

Mmmm, yes.  -_-

MAXWGN….Joe C from Canibeat.

Battle reday CRX.

Still not a fan of the new Passats but bags and beebs are persuasive.

S2k, creepin in.

H20i 2012. Say Hello!!

Please feel free to say hello to any of us.  We should be down there for Thursday mid day.   Looking forward to meeting new faces.  We’ll all be rocking Scraped.Crusaders. shirts.  Stickers (banners and small decals) on the cheap will be in my Subie wagon. :

Geoff:Blondie is our “PR rep” lol (mostly because the rest of us are socially awkward)