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Midnight City – iAcrophobia Beijing, China

Our friend Stanley now lives in China.   He’s gone from a WRX to an EVO to a Scirocco to an HPF BMW M3.  He’s now involved with iAcrophobia.  This is one of their previous videos.   I believe his m3 is at around 700whp now.  -_-

Appeal to Reason #42

Appeal to Reason Colour combo edition. Gulf (orange/blue) vs. Marlboro(red/white).  Porsche via Track to Street.  Blonde via VanStyles. I couldn’t decide which image to use, posted all three 🙂

Fantastic French

After the recently released Peugeot Onyx concept.  I’ve come to the realization that the French have the concept car game in the bag.  No other country comes close.  Apart from a few BMW, Porsche and Lexus concepts, everyone else is lacking.

Peugeot Onyx

Citroen C-Matisse

Citroen Numero 9

Citroen Servolt (pic of Francoise Nielly Art Car)

Citroen GT

Renault Alipine A110-50

Matt’s Volvo.

Matt Morana recently picked up this Volvo.  RWD, brick coupe.  Who wouldn’t want this?

Matt:”Engine is a B20 “redblock” 2 litre dual barrel weber carb about 110 hp, tq is about the same, model is a 142S, its from ’69, mechanical everything except for ignition system, basically a tractor motor, its got a 4 speed with an electronic overdrive, i want to get it running, clean up the rust and interior for now, after that lower it, have it running well enough to take it to h2o next year and after that possibly do a swap more then likely some kind of v8, thats about it as far as i can think of”

Can’t wait for this to be lowered on some wide ass wheels to join the Scraped.Crusaders. fold.  We’ll be posting updates on this build.

Fan’d 964.

Jaw still hurts.  Haven’t been aww struck like this in some time.  Courtesy of Lateforlunch on Instagram.  I mistakenly thought this was a Rotiform car. Lateforlunch, politely put me in my place and allowed me to post these. 964 on RS’s with fans.  Still think it needs a duck tail.  Luckily the owner will facilitate.  🙂

Former revisions.

Stretch and Poke 2012: Fitted

We braved the intensely overcast sky yesterday to attend the first Stretch and Poke show of 2012. Having attended MOST of these events in the past it is safe to say this show has grown exponentially and there doesn’t seem to be any sign of that changing.

Strech & Poke

Stretch & Poke is almost upon us.  First one “Fitted” is May 27th.  Most, if not all of our guys will be there.  The first Stretch and Poke is always a good way to see the local cars that will be making the show rounds for the summer.

The second event is on June 3rd.  We’ll do our best to sttend.  But a conflict of shows might not let that happen.  We will try our best.

2012 DTM Season.

Looks to be a doozie.. with BMW added to the fold.  Though, don’t get your hopes up BMW fans, this year is definately a development year.  It also brought an influx of factory BMW drivers and a lot of shuffled seats.  I haven’t seen a driver’s list this good in touring cars for some time. Rockenfeller, Coulthard, Paffet, Spengler, Priaulx, Ekstrom, Tomczyk, Hand, Farfus, Werner, Schumacher and a second Canadian in Wickens.  Oh and also Susie Wolff.  A female driver who’s actually good, I’m looking at you Danica.  Another big change for the year are the changes in regulations. Amoungst are the switch from 4 door sedans to 2 door coupes.  From the A4(rwd) and C class to the A5(rwd), C-class coupe and M3.  And the use of a common chassis for all three manufacturers.  Thus, I’ll probably end up downloading all of the races this year.   Starting with this weekend’s race at Hockenhiem.  Also, my predictions are as follows: Title to Mattias Ekstrom in the Audi or Paffet in the Merc, rookie of the year to Robert Wickens in the Merc and the best BMW will be Bruno Spengler.  Last two are obviously biased as I need to pick our Canadian bretheren.