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Bonarz Worthy Mazda

400hp+  DIESEL RWD RACEKOR.  All of that deserves caps.   Mind you it isn’t exactly production Mazda 6 base.  Take a tube frame Riley Grand Am GX chassis an ALMS LMP2 Mazda SkyActiv 2.2L deisel and wrap it in a sexy as fuck sedan body.  You have the 2013 Mazda6 Grand Am GX racecar.  WANT.   And just for the Canadians….Sylvain Tremblay who founded SpeedSource (the team prepping this car) is from the Great White North.

mazda3 mazda2 mazda1

New Year, New Gig

Matt Berenz AKA Deathlens is now working at Pfaff Tuning as their web promotor.  These are some of the pics he’s taken in his first couple days.  Lucky duck. The Facebook pages he manages are Pfaff Tuning and McLaren Toronto.

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Matt’s Volvo.

Matt Morana recently picked up this Volvo.  RWD, brick coupe.  Who wouldn’t want this?

Matt:”Engine is a B20 “redblock” 2 litre dual barrel weber carb about 110 hp, tq is about the same, model is a 142S, its from ’69, mechanical everything except for ignition system, basically a tractor motor, its got a 4 speed with an electronic overdrive, i want to get it running, clean up the rust and interior for now, after that lower it, have it running well enough to take it to h2o next year and after that possibly do a swap more then likely some kind of v8, thats about it as far as i can think of”

Can’t wait for this to be lowered on some wide ass wheels to join the Scraped.Crusaders. fold.  We’ll be posting updates on this build.


IMPORTEXPO is upon us again.  October 13th, it will be held indoors at Markhams Fairgrounds.  The event features selected cars from registrants.  So, you won’t be seeing shitty vehicles.  IMPORTEXPO’s own NSX is reason alone to go to the show.  We’ll be providing coverage for those who are unable to attend.  Also there will be


Does this car ever get old?  We’ll stop if it does.  The 2 owners of the 2 coolest BMWs in Toronto in one car.  We’ll post more of Kristoff’s soon. Pic my DaveM.

Return of the King

World Time Attack Challenge is upon us again.  The 2 time reigning champ is the CyberEVO.  This time with massive C-West aero.  Can’t say it looks better.  But I’m fairly certain it’ll win, besting it’s time from last year.  Especially considering the Sierra Sierra EVO will not be present.

Scraped Crusaders: White on Red

We had initially wanted to take photos outdoors.  Cold weather put a close on that pretty fast.  Since the e30 isn’t on insurance, we chose the shop.  White on red is a tried and tested colour combo.  And once again, it’s works on both of these cars.  The e30 with the salad shooters (for sale) and the MK2 Jetta on widened steelies and winter rubber.  Winter beaters don’t get much nicer than this VW.  The Scraped Crusaders should be on summer wheels in a little over a month.  Expect more original content soon enough.  Sorry, guys winter in Toronto sucks.   Photos by. Deathlens.

Ben Thomas’ B5 Wagon

When one possesses good fortune and good taste.  This is what happens. A Texas mile running, 200mph+ B5 Audi Wagon.  The boys over at Speedline Film Werks asked us to post their video.  Not sure why they had to ask.  Work this good, we usually post anyways.  These guys are quickly becoming one of the go to automotive video teams.