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Hood Rat Status EG

Love/hate.   Do it because you love it.  Do not compromise if others will hate it.  That’s the attitude Jake Looney put into his EG.  And I fuckin love it.  Following trends?   Sure, who doesn’t?  If you do it well, it works.

Your name, Your car: Jake Looney, 92 civic hatchback

What do you do? i set up lights for concerts… im a roadie

What do you love more, your girlfriend or your car? no girl friend because of my car

When did you buy your car, and when did you start modding it? early this year, and the same day.

Getting on a flatbed with planks.  That’s how we do it son.

What mods are currently on the car? cragar soft 8’s -6 et plus 1.5 inch adapters so – 30et. buddy club limited edition seat, skunk 2 struts and custom gc springs. buddy club front and rear camber kit. custom made 3 inch extended top hats, blox lca’s and black works rear subframe brace. cargo basket.

Do you cringe or smile when you drag frame on an obstacle? smile everytime

If you didn’t own your current car, what would you be driving? Would it be modded? 92 s13 slammedddd

How long are you holding on to it? till theres holes in the floor

Whats next? zebra print bay and interior, finish the wire tuck, new quarters fenders and hood, which are in my garage, respray and maybe 15×10’s

Graffiti hoods and sticker bombs work well white a white canvas.  I’m glad he’s stuck with it.

Pick a word. Why did you pick it? hood rat status… thats my crew

Shout outs. hood rat status, Danny Mahl, and all the VW owners who hate my car. Oh and Hellertown, PD

DeathLens 2010 Showreel

All the new places I have been, all the wonderful people I have met, the memories that will never be forgotten.

2010 was a year to remember.

Special shout out to all those who offered support and helped me out time and time again.

Expect me to step it up exponentially in 2011, plans are already in motion to make next year just as, if not more memorable than this.

I love this life I live.


NextMod One Year Anniversary BBQ

The BBQ/event on Sunday was awesome.  There was a great showing of cars.  Luckily the rain held off until later in the day.  Basking in the sun checking out Toronto’s finest cars.  Plus my dirty shitbox.  Really should have washed it before I went.  It was a Sunday well spent.

Additional pics ….courtesy of Spyder01 whose Flickr photostream we’ve just added>>>


Our friend Marlon C aka Big Hindu over at OMGPancakes was nice enough to add us to his blogroll.  Incidentally his Banana Wagon has endured scrapes aswell.  Check out his blog at and his xB below.