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Work’s for sale!

Need something new for next season? Here is your chance. We seem to have a set of wheels for sale…shocking.

I picked these up off their original owner recently. The wheels are in great overall shape and are still original (sticker, seals, bolts, valve stems, etc.) All the bolts, centre caps, etc. can be had new from Work if one were inclined but that would only be if you wanted to re-do them. As they are the condition is GOOD. The lips have some usual clear coat imperfections but I actually didn’t even notice until after I washed and dried them. The paint of the faces is near flawless. 2 of the rear lips have some minor curb (I can’t even call it rash), nothing some light sanding wouldn’t COMPLETELY clear up.

I would say these wheels are an 8-8.5/10


2x 18×8 et56 225/40/18 5×130
2x 18×10 et56 265/35/18 5×130

The tires have decent tread left, especially the fronts, but they are from 2002 so they are starting to crack a little. They are basically a throw in but if you are serious about buying I can have them removed.


$2600 or best reasonable offer. These wheels retail for the same cost as LMs, and from what I can gather these are harder to come by (although not harder to find parts for as Work still makes them). I am not looking for trades unless it’s something very unique. If they don’t sell I will replace my LMs with them next year.


“It’s just a car…”

We’ve all heard it; friends, family, co-workers, etc., but to those of who are truly passionate; those four words don’t even register together in our vocabulary.

The deeper into this “community” that I delve, the more and more I see that this phrase holds no weight. I would have missed out on a great many experiences without my car; not the least of which is the group of friends that has grown far beyond just my group of “car buddies”. Have you ever had someone on the “outside” ask what your plans for the night or weekend were, only to respond with “I’m hanging out with my car buddies”? Odd looks aside, they never react all that positively. That was how it started for me and our local Thursday night get together’s. However; as the years and miles have passed that group has evolved into just; my friends.

Weekends away, Saturday afternoon wrench session’s at “the shop”, car washes, movie nights, Mongolian Grill, Korean BBQ, dollar drinks and countless other idiosyncrasies unique to this group of car enthusiasts. Without what is commonly referred to as “just a car”, none of those things would have any relevance.

A car can be, and in our case certainly is; more than “just” anything. Beyond it’s most basic utilitarian function, it has the ability to open doors to a community of like minded individuals who you just might find turn out to be the closest group of car geeks turned besties you’ll come to know.

Just a car? No. So much more.

Stretch and Poke 2012: Fitted

We braved the intensely overcast sky yesterday to attend the first Stretch and Poke show of 2012. Having attended MOST of these events in the past it is safe to say this show has grown exponentially and there doesn’t seem to be any sign of that changing.