Fantastic French

After the recently released Peugeot Onyx concept.  I’ve come to the realization that the French have the concept car game in the bag.  No other country comes close.  Apart from a few BMW, Porsche and Lexus concepts, everyone else is lacking.

Peugeot Onyx

Citroen C-Matisse

Citroen Numero 9

Citroen Servolt (pic of Francoise Nielly Art Car)

Citroen GT

Renault Alipine A110-50

2 thoughts on “Fantastic French

    1. scrapedcrusaders Post author

      True. Citroen C6 is probably the closest bet. The Renault Alpine might see very limited production. I think I can forgive them because one wouldn’t expect these to go into production. Its more annoying when a concept that could have went straight into production is nuetered to oblivion. Concept cars are supposed to be wild.


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