Decisions, decisions.

Since about early 2011 I have been searching for the lowly grail with my fellow Crusaders. BUT I have been doing it all wrong; from the passenger seat of everyone’s car. If anyone who has ever seen/met me at shows I’m always riding shotgun with whomever wants to let me join. I’m usually the random annoying black guy screaming out random comments or saying something generally ignorant. Now, after watching and riding shotgun I think its my time to shine. And this is where my decision comes from. Currently I drive a B5 A4 that has been keyed, crashed, and generally not taken care of because IDGAF. So I shall keep that as a “daily” and find another platform. After H20i I fell in love with two cars and I seem to not be able to get them out of my head; Mercedes Benz 190e and BMW E36. Both pricey and hard to find in great shape but I’m willing to search and find a good canvas to start with. Both of these cars have pros and cons which I understand but I think it would be a fun thing to start with and could come out pretty legit seeing as I acquired a set of BBS wheels that from my understanding few have. So enough with my bullshit and babbling on…I’m asking all the followers and others searching for the lowly grail.. WTF should I get? Reluctantly open to other suggestions as well.

-Mauncho A.K.A ThatNager

8 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions.

  1. Jasonsunly

    I love BMWs. And Mercedes are always growing on me. Between the E36 and 190E it is a pretty tough decision. I think it’s harder to find a nice clean 190E with manual transmission than it is to find a clean e36, even an E36 M3. I’d go with the 190E if you could find one. What about an E38? haha

  2. Dylan Haverson

    moe, the 190 has a lot of potential but you will have to put in the wrench time and be willing to fabricate a lot of parts for it. the bmw is more money to buy but has a better aftermarket support and is generally faster and easier to find in good shape. i would still pick the 190 if you’re set on a hardtop. but the bmw you can get as a vert also.

  3. colenbrander

    I agree with the guy who posted before me, the 190e is the better choice in my opinion but won’t be easy to find. E38 is the choice if you care about luxury and wanna scrape like a king
    Consider a lexus IS300 or GS as well


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