Subaru Hypermeet 2012

I’m not exactly good with words.  Which is why I usually let the pictures do the talking.  I’m also fairly certain that not too many people read this anyways.  So we’ll just dump photos from the event and add some headers.

The event overall was bigger and better than last year.  I decided to enter the wagon into the show as well.  Wound up 1/4″ away from taking lowest Subaru.  I don’t want to complain about judging but I’m fairly certain mine was lower.  And also ran into my old widened steelies.  It was on the car that won Rustiest Subaru.  All in all it was a great Sunday.  Toronto’s Subaru scene is alive and well.  Disclaimer, there wasn’t an abundance of stanced cars.  Lots of high power, odd looking cars though.  Photos by Geoff.

Not a Subie but this Celica GT-4 was sittin pretty.

I’ll have 2 of these on my Outback bumper, once I stop slacking.

Want this in a wagon but an inch lower in my future.

Wicked colour combo.

My favourite car of the event.

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