VAGKraft 2012 Pt.1

Toronto’s Premium VAG show.  The Scraped.Crusaders. always make it out to this event.  Geoff’s Audi obviously won best B5 and took home a sweet ass trophy. Follow him @teh_mad_hatter on Instagram.  He’ll also be posting up more pics later.  These pics are by our own DaveM.  Who’s still on a BlackBerry :(.  Get on that Instagram swag son.   Cheers to the VagKraft crew…minus my one gripe below. 🙂

I don’t know what it is with the VW show organizer’s but they need to contact the CSCS guys so they don’t schedule events on the same day.  VAGKraft and Spring Fling are both A LOT smaller than CSCS, don’t shoot yourself in the foot.  Even so, the event was enjoyable. Apart from the heat and subsequent exhaustion, it was a worthwhile event.  I also got a sweet T-shirt. 🙂


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