Far Too Often

Been on the back of these way too often.  For mechanical and law related reasons.  Brake lines this time.  Yes, brake lines.

12 thoughts on “Far Too Often

      1. David

        seems like it 😛

        I might just have to get a membership hahaha

        Oh are you guys making it out to the “Damn cancer VW Show” on May 27th?

  1. Kevon

    ^ Being seeing your wag around my building lately so If you see a tall dude being nosey around her, Don’t mind me im just admiring her in all her beauty. I’ll be in a black TL S. Hope to bump into you and S/C sometime this summer.

  2. peter jager

    Hi, left you a comment about the steel wheels, size/width , which car they came from and what size tire was on them

  3. peter jager

    Hi, it looks like yours except that the front light are straight, it is a 94 legacy. What kind of springs are you using to lower your wagon? Peter


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