Fabio Chiqueto – 272ºClub

No idea what he’s saying.  Don’t care though….Legacy on LMs.  🙂

6 thoughts on “Fabio Chiqueto – 272ºClub

  1. RonalDixx

    Thank Scraped.Crusaders. Guys, we don’t have a lot of aftermarket pieces,
    but we’ve a lot of criativity and we can show that the money isn’t the most important thing
    272ºClub This team I’m proud to be a brazilian!

  2. Art.

    The guy on the phone in the beggining was the one who worked on the car, he was goint to deliver it to Fabio (The Owner) when he arives, Fabio is thanking everyone for the support and the good work on his Subaru Legacy. You can see his satisfaction after getting the car back from the workshop, how amazed he was, and that’s it guys, hope this explains a little whats happening there. Cheers (Sorry bad english)

  3. Chiqueto

    My car here !! O.M.G 🙂

    Thanks to the staff of scrapedcrusaders
    And thanks to my friends who came up with it all!


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