Daily Scraped #300

Was not a happy camper that day.  This was mid summer after my second “unsafe” vehicle ticket.

13 thoughts on “Daily Scraped #300

  1. David

    Must of been a bitch to get it on the flat bed, damn haters!! there are more rotted out cars that are about to fall apart then dumped cars, stuff like that makes me mad lol I can only imagine how pissed off you must of been that day!

            1. scrapedcrusaders Post author

              Trust. You don’t want them. They take your plates. CAA doesn’t like to tow with no plates. Sooooo I carry around a spare set of temp plates for me to use while getting towed. NOT COOL. I’ve had more plates then cars now.

              1. David

                K nvm, that sounds like a ridiculous pain in the ass lol Ill just stay away from toronto 😛

                I’m surprised I haven’t got pulled over yet in Lindsay, small towns suck for dealing with cops.

                  1. David

                    yea you get bragging rights, but also the headache that follows with the tickets and dealing with with cops.

                    Lots of respect on what your doing man thats for sure.

  2. Jay P

    love this car man it was the reason i went and bought a 98 white legacy wagon so simple but so nice good work. my pc background is your car in front of the graffiti wall


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