Another Day in The Life….

of a wagon owner.  Need your motor (1.8T) transported?  No problem, we’ll throw it in the back of the Subie.

8 thoughts on “Another Day in The Life….


    turbo looks in horrible condition lol. where did you buy this? I’m looking for a transmission and a final drive.

    1. scrapedcrusaders Post author

      Can’t be too concerned about the turbo when you only need the block and are planning a 1.9L big turbo build. 🙂

      Bought froma some in Guelph. He definately has a tranny and final drive. Want the contact info?


        very much so, woulda taken the engine toO! darn….. why stop at 1900cc why not go for the full 2.0!

        1. .Mad Hatter.

          a 1.9L requires no bore, a 2.0L does 😉

          And ya, the seller was surprised when we said car, and then said “it only needs to be about 2 feet in the air…”

  2. DaveT

    Lol, yesterday as I was manhandling a chair into my hatch I thought to myself unless you’ve used it as a moving truck it’s not a true daily driver.


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