My shit is weak.   Mudflaps are coming off tomorrow.  Or I might just shave them down.  Either way, my car WILL be this low.  Found this gem while cruising through Michonoku Grand.  Extra baller points for running USDM parts in Japan.

14 thoughts on “Benchmark

  1. mat kavanagh

    I’m a subaru rookie, USDM headlights andd what else? That emblem on the front is badass, grab one of them!

  2. YuZi

    I think I may have been drunk when I read this. I just got a text from someone asking when I want to see their “Subie”.

  3. ScoobieSteve

    Damn Cause Thats A Baddd Setup! I am Slammed With The Same Wagon Just Looking For Good Fitment Specs. What About Your Wagon I Hit You Up On Instagram And Asked You What Are You Running? I Love Your Set Up Nd im On Bc’s As Well.


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