Washroom Break…

12 thoughts on “Washroom Break…

  1. Joshua Pigott

    Yo, people this car is not bagged and no this isn’t PS I did an 86 picture photoshoot for him no this isn’t one of my Pics but before you keep on guessing wrong its coils not bags it happens when he takes turns because his suspension is so tight, Don’t believe me email me 603photography@gmail.com

  2. icon

    The car is not bagged or a Photoshop. It’s on megan coilovers and is in a dipin the parking lot. It just looks like it’s flat from where the pic was taken. How do I know you ask… It’s my car.

  3. joe

    So then you’re turning into that curb? Because that would be the direction if that tires lifting up like that.

  4. icon

    Email me I’ll show you other pics. The red curb is on a up slope. It’s kinda like a ditch in the middle of the road



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