In line with our Perfection post a few days ago, we have this Impreza.  This STI has the correct stance in my opinion.  Don’t get me wrong I love cars that are dumped.  But it’s nice to see somewhat meaty tires every once in a while.  Subies are above all else, meant to be driven.  Though I don’t think this one will see gravel roads anytime soon.  🙂  When these GD Imprezas first came out WRB (World Rally Blue) and gold BBS’s were all the rage.   Their looks have matured over the years as most owners now tend to opt for subdued colours along with a wingless trunk.  It’s a tough call for me, not sure which look I like more.  The wingless looks good, but I grew up watching McRae sliding the winged 555 wrc car, so I might be biased.   What I do know it that, this particular GD definitely looks good.

Excellent backdrop.  I’m not sure we have access to bridge locations like this in Toronto :(.

Your name, Your car

Austin Mardian – 2005 STi – Crystal Grey Metallic

What do you do?

Full Time Student + Part Time at a Law Firm

When did you buy your car, and when did you start modding it?

Over two years ago. Bought a diffuser the first week.

What mods are currently on the car?

Titek Catted Downpipe
Discontinued Injen CBE
Helix UpPipe
K&N Intake
Cobb AP V.1
Group N Trans Mount
17×9 +28 Bronze on 225s Hankook Ventus V12 EVOs
BC Racing BR Coilovers
Rolled and Pulled Fenders
S204 Lip
OEM 06-07 Diffuser
SBC Rear camber bolts
Kartboy Solid Front and Rear Endlinks
Camber – roughly -2.5 f and -3 rear
Wingless trunk swap (totally debadged)
Boost, Volt, and Oil Temp gauges

For a total of 330 ft lbs.  Gotta love how Subarus respond so well to light tuning.

Do you cringe or smile when you drag frame on an obstacle?


How long are you holding on to it?

I have no idea to be honest, I’ve thought of it so many times, but after dumping everything I’ve got into this – I can’t say for sure.


Whats next?

Wider wheels.

Shout outs.

Wrong Fitment Crew.

Is there a dumped Impreza that isn’t part of the Wrong Fitment Crew?  Those guys have a lock on the GD chassis.

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