Tiffany SE-R

Sentra SE-Rs aren’t really common in the stance scene.  So when one does show up, people take note.   This is especially true with Casper’s Nissan.  Tiffany coloured 18s?  Yessir.  This Sentra is definitely a part of the crowd that’s trying to eliminate wheel gap at all costs.  Luckily, the stance isn’t the only thing that was upgraded.  The motor, interior and exterior have all received a once over.  More so the motor.  It’s nice to see he kept it NA.  Anyone could slap a turbo on a QR.   High compression NA build takes some balls.  I may be biased as I’m building a high comp motor for the wagon. 🙂

The previous colour combo saw pink wheels.  Not sure with setup I like more.  The Tiffany blue/green is definitely the hot colour for 2011 though.   Also, one upgrade to note….Subaru WRX STi sedan roof spoiler.  All-in-all this a definate header turner.


What do you do?

Currently I am a Landscape Chemical Applicator/Spray Technician for a Golf Course

What do you love more, your girlfriend or your car?

Haha that’s a tough one, but I would have to say my girl cause if it wasn’t for her my car really wouldn’t be where it i now. She has actually helped out with the color scheme and helped with ideas. But don’t get me wrong I love my car too and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

When did you buy your car, and when did you start modding it?

I bought the car brand new in Sept 02. It had 16miles on it when I drove it off the showroom floor and I put about 10 miles on it test driving it. As for mods, I really didn’t start doing engine or suspension mods on the car till about Feb 03. Reason being the car was still brand new and not many company’s had any aftermarket stuff for it.

What mods are currently on the car?

Complete QR long block
Aftermarket Ductile Iron T-Sleeves
Custom SR20 forged crankshaft
Custom Crank Pulley for the custom crank
Custom Wiseco pistons comp. (10.2:1)
Custom Crower rods with ARP bolts
ARP Cylinder head studs
ARP Main bolt studs
Ferrea Valve Train
Full blueprint and balance upon assembly
New timing components, seals, o-rings, etc
WRP Cam Sprocket
AEM Cold Air Intake
Nismo Cams
Nismo Header w/o cat
Nismo Cat-Back Exhaust
Jim Wolf Technology BSR
HP Autoworks Downpipe
Mishimoto Radiator
Place Racing Solid Motor Mounts

04 Tranny
Faxtion Gen 4 Short Shifter
Custom Flywheel for Custom Crank
Penzoil Syncromesh

Ksport GEN3 36 way adjustable coilovers
NISMO S-Tune Front Sway Bar
NISMO R-Tune Strut Tower Bar
NISMO Hard Rubber Bushing Kit
1990 Z32 26mm Front Caliper
Wheels: Varrstoen ES2.2.1 18×9 +15 with 215/35/18 customs painted Tiffany Blue

Nismo Carbon Fiber Shift Knob
Apex I SAFCII Black edition
AEM URGO Wideband
Takata 4-Point Seat Belt Harness
Harness Bar

STI Carbon Fiber Roof Spoiler
JDM Headlights
Yakima Roof Racks
Do you cringe or smile when you drag frame on an obstacle?
Yeah but I’ve gotten use to it.

If you didn’t own your current car, what would you be driving? Would it be modded?
Probably 05 WRX Wagon. A buddy of mine had one that had a stage 3 turbo kit on it and slammed that just was sick nasty. And ever since i saw it ive always wanted one.

How long are you holding on to it?
Well ima hold on to the spec till i pretty much falls apart. Its paid off and still running strong.

Whats next?
I like to finish my interior. Get another seat for the passenger, Nardi 330mm wood grain steering wheel, some carbon fiber.

Shout outs.
My bro Drefus Perry, Nyshon Lanham, Dejon Johnson, and Jake Hoffman.
My crew 2nd2no1
The guys from ISO and Team RPM
Rich and Navith at Varrsteon Wheels
Mike and all the guys at Thread Quarters
Most of all my girl Anjhi Yeats

9 thoughts on “Tiffany SE-R

  1. Casper

    Nah that the GXE front bumper cover. Got into a wreak and replaced it with the GXE bumper cover because it was about $200 cheaper and at the time i wanted to go with the sleeper look.

  2. jose g

    love the car bro, im looking to get the stance look my self, when you put the wheels on and lowered it did you need a camber kit ? Did you have to use a spacer for the wide wheels ?

    1. casper

      The front has eibach camber bolts. The rear has a natural camber from just being low. Being that there is no adjustment for the rear. there are no spacers bring used, but later on i did use a 3mm spacer just to give it that lil bit more poke


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