WRC of Old?

The contenders….

Ford Fiesta

Citroen DS3

Mini (BMW+Prodrive)

After the first day of the Rally Sweden it looks like the Loeb show might be over.  Hope to fuck, that’s the case.   I don’t hate him or anything, I just feel winning 7 titles in a row put a damper on the WRC as a whole.  We need a sorta level playing field and multiple rally winners.   Ford seems to be the big dog this year, with Citreon closely behind.  Mini will be running a part-time schedule this year, full-time for 2012.  Might have to get back into watching this WRC business again.    Now, I just need Subaru to come back :(.   Ogier, Ostberg, Solberg, Loeb, Hirvonen, Matti-Latvala, Raikonnen with Sordo and Meeke (joining in later on).   Get to know those names.  We’ll be posting more WRC as the season progresses.  At the very least watch the last vid.

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