S.C. To Do List

A comprehensive tentative list of events and meets in which members of the Scraped.Crusaders. are planning to attend.  Most of the events next year, do not have schedules as of yet.  These will be updated accordingly.

Confirmed Events
February 16th – 2012 Canadian International Autoshow Media Day 
Weekly Meets
Wednesday – Kennedy Commons JDMRides.ca Meets (Killed off :()
Thursday –  Pickering VW Meets
Friday – Mississuaga VW Meets

Tentative Events
VW Spring Fling, Mississauga
Stretch and Poke , GPKartways, Toronto
Eurokracy, St-Eustache, Quebec
June Jitter Bug, Niagara Falls, Ontario
Import Expo, Markham Fairgrounds
VagKraft, Downsview Park
Import Expo, Mosport 
Stretch and Poke , GPKartways, Toronto
NextMod BBQ, Markham
H20i, Ocean City, Maryland
Oktoberfest, Mississauaga
VagWood, Mississauga

19 thoughts on “S.C. To Do List

  1. ToplessBunny85

    I plan on attending several of these shows, especially H2o!!! Keep your eyes peeled for LaffnStalk, my crazy looking Cabby. 😉

  2. ToplessBunny85

    Don’t forget VeeDubfest (formerly known as Bugfest) at Haugen’s BBQ in Manchester! Should be sometime in July, we’re trying to get more watercooled’s to go to that show.

  3. Jrzn

    Will any of the Scraped Crusaders crew be coming to SoS’ Hardparked meet? I know you guys are based way in the North but I’m curious


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